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Our User Resources section contains information and links to enhance your use of SuperStatZ.

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- Below are a few quick notes as we have noticed some people have missed putting to use some of the features within SuperStatZ.

Quick Hints

Be sure to spend a bit of time reading through the options listed in the 'User Admin' section of SuperStatZ. There are some powerful tools there.

The 'Custom List' section is often times misunderstood. For most SuperStatZ clients, this list should contain each of your 'paid directories' or 'other paid for referring sites'. We have put in by default, a couple of search engines just to have something for you to see when you first visit the 'Custom Refs' page. For most of you, the inclusion of search engines in this section is not really useful data. They already show up under the 'Search Engines' page.

The 'About This Page' button on each page of SuperStatZ, contains unique content for only that page. It is not the same throughout the site even though it 'appears' the same. If you are wondering about something on the page you are visiting, most of the time an explanation is accessible from that button.

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We would like to take a moment to thank all of our loyal clients. Each one of you is very important to us. We are constantly surprised as we answer emails with responses of disbelief. We are here for you and want to know your thoughts.

Feel free to send along a suggestion for a new feature at any time.

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