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Do you ever feel like your advertising money is caught in a gravitational vortex? Spinning, tugged and pulled, but not knowing where or if it actually produces visits on the internet? SuperStatZ web page visitor tracker provides the tools to track web site visits.. custom referrer tracking, PPC tracking, unique and total visitors to every page and the visitor history for each web page or site visit is just a part of the statistical data SuperStatZ provides.

SuperStatZ can:

  • Track web site visitors to every page of your website
  • Provide original referrer information
  • Keep track of PPC campaigns in one location
  • Place your advertising referrers into a custom display
  • Inform you of browser and visitor system trends
  • Show a complete visit path for a particular visitor
  • Help you discover abuses of your website or PPCs
  • and much much more......

"The term 'exceeds customer expectations' more than defines
your commitment to provide a tracking software package
unrivalled by anything currently available in the market place
and at a phenomenal and affordable price.

-Jim Cowan
Summerfield Inn Bed & Breakfast
Abingdon, Va.

Track Web Site Visitors

SuperStatZ website page visitor tracking is accomplished using a short snippet of javascript code which is placed on each page of your website. We don't use intrusive methods, but instead the freely available information very much like the statistical data gathered by all webservers during the standard logging processes.

Each visit to a page of your website will then be recorded as well as any referring sites and other information. You may wish to make use of some of our customizable features, such as tracking particular referrers individually, or keep a central area for tracking all of your PPCs.

It is important to understand, SuperStatZ is not just a hit counter or like many of the free visitor counters. Instead, our visitor tracking is just that, individual to an actual page visit, not an overly inflated 'hit counter' recording a hit for each file downloaded.

Our visitor tracking allows you to sit back and relax and 'have' the realtime reports available to make informed decisions about where to place those advertising dollars!

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SuperStatZ has teamed with Webervations to track web site visits from the referrer through to the reservation.

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