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SuperStatZTM and Webervations® - Made for Each Other!

"I found you on the Internet."

But WHERE on the Internet? That's the question. Of course, the guest MAY remember, but sadly, this is most frequently not the case. And when you are paying sometimes large sums of your always precious advertising dollars for directories and pay-per-click and pay-per-view links, that is information which would allow you to optimize your advertising expenditures, using them where they will put the greatest number of heads in beds, and eliminating non-productive sites.

You may already be using the drop-down list feature of Webervations to try to obtain this information, but unfortunately, in many if not most cases, reserving guests have no idea where they originally found the link to your website.

Now...just click a link to track the reservation to the source!

Webervations users with SuperStatZ can track reservations directly back to the source in almost every case, even if the guest found your website months ago and just made the reservation today. And you can do so just by clicking a link on the Webervations Reservation Request email.

This link takes you to the reserving guests' user information page in SuperStatZ. There the history of the users' visit to your website appears, tracking each page they visited on your site, back to the original referring source, including the search term they used if they found you on a search engine, and including all their visits to your website, even it these were on different days.

Here's how it works:

A small snippet of SuperStatZ code is added to each page of your website that you wish to track. (Your website remains with your current host, while SuperStatZ runs on our ultrafast servers.) Another snippet is added to your Webervations information. When a user goes from your website to Webervations, the visit is recorded by SuperStatZ. If the guest makes a reservation, Webervations places a link to that users' SuperStatZ history into the Reservation Request and into the secure server page for that reservation.

When you receive the Reservation Request email from Webervations , you click on the SuperStatZ link and a pop-up window shows you the users' SuperStatZ history, which includes the referring source. Now you KNOW the source, even if the reserving guest does not!

Designed By An Innkeeper with Innkeeping in Mind!
The ONLY tracking software with these capabilities:

Your Custom Referrers List

SuperStatZ allows you to input a list of Custom Referrers, so all the paid referring sources of click-throughs to your website can be seen in one convenient list. If the website has a number of different pages with links to your site, they are grouped in one place and the total number of click-throughs is displayed. No more searching through pages of referrals to find the number from each page and then having to add them up to see totals which allow you to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View Tracking

If you are using pay-per-click referrals from Overture or LookSmart, SuperStatz can track these as well, via the use of URL codes you insert in these sources. A special section of SuperStatZ then summarizes these, so you have a way to verify the charges made for these click-throughs.

Search Words AND Search Phrase Tracking

While other tracking programs track search words and phrases, SuperStatZ tracks these separately, so you can generate new phrases from the most frequently searched words.

Entry and Exit Page Tracking

SuperStatZ also tracks the individual entry and exit pages, so if you want to try 'gateway' pages customized to specific search terms, you can easily evaluate their effectiveness.

Learn more about SuperStatZ by clicking the links above left, and then sign up for SuperStatZ and enter the new era of reservation tracking!

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