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About SuperStatZTM

SuperStatZTM is a PHP/MySQL/JavaScript application which allows you to gather visitor data on any page within your website. From the User Admin area, you (or your webmaster) generate a small snippit of JavaScript code which you then insert into the page you want to track. You generate this code for each page you want to track. SuperStatZTM will then start recording various information about the visits to those pages into a MySQL database.

When you log into SuperStatZTM, that data is manipulated in various ways, presenting a unique perspective on your visitors, your referrers and the effectiveness of your website. Since data is input into MySQL in realtime and since SuperStatZTM reads this data from the database at the time you select a function, you have the latest information on what is happening with your website in realtime.

SuperStatZTM runs on our ultrafast servers while your website remains with your current host.

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