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Simply the Best Website Tracking Package
Available on the Net!

"The term 'exceeds customer expectations' more than defines your commitment to provide a tracking software package unrivalled by anything currently available in the market place and at a phenomenal and affordable price."
Jim Cowan
Summerfield Inn Bed & Breakfast
Abingdon, Va.

What is your website doing for you?
  • Who came to your site?
  • How did they get there?
  • What did they do when they got there?
  • How long did they stay?
  • Which paid links are truly effective?
  • How are your 'Pay Per Clicks' doing?
  • Is your website laid out properly?
  • Are your important pages being seen?
  • How did this particular visitor enter, what did they look at and for how long?
  • How did your paid listings compare to each other for this month and last month?
  • How did that visitor who made a reservation use your website?
If you would like answers to the above questions and have the ability to learn much more about just what your website is doing, SuperStatZ is the web site tracking tool for you!

"The Superstatz utility has proven to be an invaluable tool for our business. Our advertisers want facts when it comes to the usefulness of their Internet participation - and this system provides those facts. The system also tells us who's reading what and in what quantity. That is very important to us."
Jerry E. Clark
Publisher, The Rockbridge Weekly
Lexington, Va.

What Is SuperStatZ?

SuperStatZ is a database-driven realtime page tracking package which runs on our ultrafast servers. (Your website remains with your current host.) First, SuperStatZ tracks individual web pages, by gathering freely available visitor information via a small snippet of javascript which you place on each page you wish to track. When a visitor opens that page, this information is written to a MySQL database. This information is then manipulated in many different ways to clearly and precisely display what is happening within your website. SuperStatZ is a web site tracking and statistical analysis program all in one. It can be used for single page tracking or full web site tracking.

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Who is SuperStatZ For?

We designed SuperStatZ with the small to medium sized website in mind. SuperStatZ is optimized for tracking 1 to 30 pages on sites which have up to 30,000 page views (not the same as hits) per month. A large site toggle switch under user control allows the use of SuperStatZ on sites with higher numbers of pageviews although statistical returns may take longer than 15 seconds at these larger sites.

Who Needs SuperStatZ?

  • Anyone in the lodging industry who pays money to list their website on directories and with search engines needs SuperStatZ determine how these advertising media are doing at the job of filling their rooms.
  • Anyone who wishes to know how users are actually using their website to obtain information about their accommodation.
  • Anyone who wants to know how to improve their website and its advertising effectiveness.
And all of this is done without using intrusive means, simply by using what is freely available and allowed by your visitors.

See SuperStatZ at work on an actual inn website!

We thank The White Oak Inn for the use of their data. First visit their web site, look at several pages, and then get a better understanding of how SuperStatZTM works by clicking the Demo link at the top left of this page to see SuperStatZ work in realtime. You will see the results of your visit in the demo in the User History section.

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